Hotel Villa Dvor (Omis/River Cetina): Activities

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Hotel Villa Dvor (Omis/River Cetina): Activites

1. Canoe Safari
This trip is ideal for people of all ages. Regardless of your age you can enjoy in slow paddling along gentle parts of the Cetina River as well as in a bit faster currents, relaxing along its wonderful scenery (track difficulty – degree 1 and 2). The paddling is done in canoes for two and three people on the track Cikotina Lada – Blato on the Cetina or Blato on the Cetina – Zadvarje. A lunch may be arranged by the river or in a genuine house of Poljica.

2. Canyoning
Forcing its way through the calcareous canyon the Cetina River has created marvellous shapes and built itself a bed filled with natural wonders: high cliffs (180 m), underground tunnels, waterfalls, lakes and more than 50 m high Gubavica Waterfall. In the narrowest part of the Cetina River Canyon, upstream from the hydroelectric power plant Kraljevac you can find ideal scenery for canyoning.

3. Extreme Canyoning
For the adventurers eager for more adrenaline we organise extreme canyoning, which together with the standard canyoning includes the descend down Gubavica Waterfall on the Cetina River with the use of professional alpine gear and assisted by experienced instructors.

4. Sea Kayak
If you do not prefer a river or the crowd on beaches, the ideal way to relax is sea kayak. Paddling in a clear and blue sea, after a bit more than half an hour you will reach desolate gravel beaches, accessible only by sea. Natural caves, white gravel and a crystal blue sea will make your time unforgettable.

5. Rafting
For true adventurers who want to enjoy the foam of rapids on the Cetina River, to paddle along gentle parts of rivers enjoying in unique scenery and a clear river of green colour, it is enough to be able to swim and to listen to the skipper's instructions. You can look forward to four hours of excitement from the starting point in Penšici to the destination in Radmanove Mlinice. It is an adventure about 9 kilometres long and with the elevation of around 45 metres, which you will remember for a long time and always be glad to recount.

6. Trekking
Clandestine paths, stone stairways and forgotten ways allow you to travel through a rich history where unknown scenery tells its hidden stories. It is an experience; it is a unique junction of a sea and a mountain. In discovering and getting acquainted with marvellous places you can inhale the scent of nature and clear up your lungs with fresh air. Intact scenery, rich in flora and fauna, will bring exhilaration to all nature lovers and relaxation to all workaholics. Visit the mountains Mosor, Dinara of Omiš and Biokovo, the islands Brac and Hvar and admire all their riches and wonders. A special attraction is the "Trail of Salt" from Gat, the capital of Poljica's prince, through the Rastovaca Fold on the Mosor Mountain down to tame Srijani in Upper Poljica. The trek length of about 8 kilometres and the elevation of about 500 metres will allow you to see the entire Republic of Poljica from the bird's perspective.

7. Free Climbing
Free climbing is a true experience. On the left bank of the Cetina River, five minutes on foot from the hotel or the town centre, in the area of Planovo there is a 200 metres high cliff with prepared climbing directions for experienced climbers, but for beginners as well. Due to its exposition to the sun, easy access and favourable microclimate it is ideal for climbing all year around.

8. Paragliding
Southern slopes of Imber are especially favourable for paragliding flights. The take-off points are to the west of the climbers' refuge and southeast of Cecuk village. From the take-off points you can fly above the town of Omiš and the touch-down points are to the right or the left side of the Cetina River mouth.

9. Biking
Trails favourable for biking are mainly in the hinterland of Omiš and in Poljica. There are several paths, easier or more difficult, leading through picturesque scenery of the villages of Poljica and intact nature. While riding get to know the history and way of life of today's inhabitants of small settlements in the hinterland, enjoy the food which is still produced naturally. For bikers who enjoy bigger challenges and a more extreme ride, there are prepared paths. Along with the classical biking it is possible to organise mountain biking.

10. Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is available for experienced riders, but for beginners as well. There are riding schools for those who are yet getting to know one of the noblest animals and a man's true friend – the horse. Horseback riding takes place on the territory of Sinj and neighbouring villages (Cetinska krajina), which together with the town of Sinj and its cultural and historical heritage represents a phenomenon of its kind. Since 1715 Sinj has been the venue of a knight tournament on horseback Sinjska alka commemorating the victory over Ottoman Turk invaders.

11. Paintball
Shooting balls which leave paint blotches on the hit target is the activity for entertainment and amusement which requires both physical and psychological fitness as well as the intelligence of players. This type of activity raises adrenaline levels and the surrounding ambience lends it even more appeal.

12. Hunting and Photo Safari
The hunting ground of the Mosor Mountain is a sub-Mediterranean karst territory of approximately 12 000 hectares. The highest peak is St George (1330 m) which allows the view over the entire hunting ground as well as neighbouring places and the islands of Middle Dalmatia. In fine weather one can see all the way to the Italian shore. The hunting ground extends from Omiš in the south to Split in the north, and in the hinterland it is bordered by the Cetina River. Rich history, cultural heritage and above all natural beauty of the scenery make it unique. Primary wild game in the hunting ground are the moufflon, wild boar, chamois, barbary sheep and deer. The most numerous of small game are the rock partridge, rock dove and rabbit. The woodcock and wood pigeon are hunted while flying.
Present predators are the bear, fox, beech marten, eagles, ravens, hawks and falcons as well as protected wolves.
Guided by an expert and experienced guide a wonderful opportunity is given in a 3-to-4-hour walk in the extraordinary scenery to photograph and film the wildlife in their genuine natural environment. Apart from that one can have an organised overnight stay in open air or in a hunting hut with a fitting hunter's meal. We also mediate in organising hunt in other hunting grounds at guests' request.

13. Diving Programme
It contains training for beginners who want to become divers as well as diving for those who possess necessary knowledge. While diving you can get to know the underwater of one of the most beautiful seas in the world, its life and turbulent history. Diving is possible along the coast and around the islands of Brac, Hvar and Šolta.

14. Sea Fishing Programme
This programme is adapted to smaller groups of maximum 30 people eager for something new and different. Morning departure from the port of Omiš, lifting the fishing net which was cast the day before, extracting about a dozen types of fish caught in the net, their preparation for lunch, swimming and enjoyment in the pole fishing. Return to Omiš in the afternoon. During the return the net is cast into the sea again.

15. River Fishing Programme
This programme takes place on the Cetina River in its middle flow from Prancevici Dam in Srijani to Blato on the Cetina. The picturesque canyon whose part at Srijan is included in the sights of nature of Croatia will provide you with an excellent environment for amusement and fishing for the trout and chub, and in more peaceful waters a carp or two. In the lower flow from the mouth to Radmanove Mlinice you can fish for the eel, mullet and sea bass.

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