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Arrival Split airport, transfer Bol, Bol overnight
Bol is the oldest coastal town on the island Brac, and from the town of fishermen and wine growers, it became a well-known tourist centre. Bol is in many ways a very special town. It is the first and the oldest little island town on the coast. It didn't take the usual position like other coastal towns in the amphitheatrically slopes of the protected bays, but it stands alone and separated on the southern, open part of the island, with the beaches connected like necklace of pearls.


Bol windsurf 2h lessons + 2h rental, Bol overnight
Today Bol has become the favourite place for surfers from all over the world. The channel between the islands Brac and Hvar and the wind that blows there offer the ideal conditions for windsurfing. Due to these ideal conditions, Bol has become a well known windsurfing destination. Every year numerous competitions are organised.

EASY: 2h school, starting at 10.30-12.30, afternoon time at leisure, overnight Bol HB
HARD: 2h school + 2 hours rental, starting at 10.30-12.30, break for lunch, or in accordance with instructor continuation of practice (2h rental)

Late afternoon time for leisure, overnight and dinner in Bol


MTB tour –Dragon's cave, Farska - Blaca, Bol overnight
Pedalling along the South coast of Brac, we are passing numerous beaches and bays,
those wishing an easy ride will stop and leave the bikes in Murvica, and visit Dragons cave....
The Dragon's Cave contains a famous relief showing a dragon, a first class monument to the monastic life in the caves of the Glagolitic friars in the 15th century. Set about 200 meters above Murvica this cave served as dwelling and a temple to the Glagolitic priests who fled to these uninhabited steep southern slopes to begin here their monastic life and to develop it to a high standard.. The whole cave was altered and used as a church or hermitage. On the walls of the cave are holes of various shapes and at their foot are stone seats. On the eastern side, above the little chapels are human figures and birds on their nests....

After the sightseeing continue to the small village Farska, where we will enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the place, while others wishing some more challenging thrills will continue to Blaca. Visit the nice authentic restaurant in Farska, enjoy fresh fish prepared for you and have a bath in the crystal clear sea while waiting for those that went to explore Blaca. Blaca is actually a monastery founded 500 years ago by Glagolitic priests hiding from the Turks. Through the centuries the monastery grew from a simple cave shelter to very important cultural and scientific centre with a school for children, a library with nearly 8000 books in 5 languages and an astronomical watch-house. Today it is a museum. Blaca is a unique monument on our coast. A visit here is not to be missed. Blaca is situated on the fringes of a long valley, in the southern part of the island, between Bol and Milna, 3, 5 kilometres inland from the sandy Blatacka uvala (The Harbour of Blaca).After the visit and a short break in Blaca, where refreshments will be offered, we start the return ride.....

EASY: cca 10 km on flat gravel road to Farska, possible lunch, 10 km of the same road on the way back. Total 20km. Passing nearby many nice beaches along the coast like Murvica and visit to Dragon's cave (trekking cca 1/2h to the cave,) Start at 9.30, arrive Murvica 10.00 visit the cave cca 3.5h, continuation to Farska free time for bathing, lunch (not included), return on request cca 15.00

HARD: total 50km, 10 km really hard uphill, last 5 km to monastery Blaca on foot. In the monastery Blaca you will be offered seasoned refreshments. Take along some food and water as there are no shops on the way!!!! Start at 09.30 return 16.00,

Afternoon time for leisure, overnight and dinner Bol


Sea kayak –Tour North-West Sutivan – Bobovisca – Milna, Bol overnight
Transfer from Bol to Sutivan

Kayaking from Sutivan along the north-west coast of the island of Brac, visiting the
beautiful bays and pebbly beaches. Bathing in one of the bays and continuation with
kayaks in the direction of Bobovišca (small authentic village where time has stopped
situated on the West coast of the island), rowing further in the direction of Milna (well known for the fishing and ship building industry, big Yacht marina). End of route near the Yacht club and return by van to Bol, in the afternoon time for leisure in Bol, Bol dinner and overnight

Duration: 09.00 till 16.00 h


Transfer Split (guided sightseeing), transfer Zadvarje – trekking, konnobing, and overnight
Transfer Bol-Split, Split-a city with a 1700 year old tradition, a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, among which the well known Palace of Diocletian, inscribed
into UNESCO World Heritage List, the Peristyle of the palace, Diocletian's mausoleum, Jupiter's temple, the colonnades along the streets, Early Croatian churches, Romanesque houses.... With the passing centuries the original architecture of the palace
has been altered, but the people of the city were able to use the structures of the palace, damaging it as little as possible, under Byzantine, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian rule. Enjoy walking through old Palace while looking how ordinary people live day by day...

Free time for lunch.

Transfer to Omis and after to Podgradje, village situated on river Cetina where we start our walk...

Have a walk through the vineyard in stone "Pasike", the interesting "Pograjska jut", full of cracks, funnel-shaped holes and round karsts valleys, with different trees and plants and in the canyon of the river Cetina.

A lot of birds and small forest animals dwell here. Feel a breath of past times, since the woods Jut are full of old, half-demolished housings and "badine" and different remainders of stone fences which were important to the people, living and existing in that interesting landscape. It's necessary to take sports shoes and trousers to protect you from sharp plants, growing by the paths. It is also possible to take some time for swimming in the river so you will need your bathing suit.

Picnic with homemade food and drinks is included.

The trip lasts 3 to 4 hours.


Overnight in old traditional houses in Podgradje, village situated on the river Cetina. Feel how real life is without fancy hotels and places where everything is disposable. The place where time has stopped.....The place where people live on a rich land and live from that land. Try some of their specialities and relax in natural environment... Here you won't find big bars and discos, but you will fall asleep in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere....


Canoeing, overnight
Be a participant of an exciting and attractive meeting with river Cetina. Due to its wilderness and constant rearing this river was called the river Horse in the Illyrian times. Feel the charms of that beautiful and unpredictable Dalmatian river. It's necessary to take your bathing suit with you, as well as sports shoes and sandals (it's not recommended to go barefoot), a towel and clothes you are going to wear after canoeing.

We provide complete canoeing equipment - life vests, helmets etc.

Picnic with homemade food and drinks is included.

Tour 1 - from "Prancevica" dam to Blato n/c, is some 10 km long. On the
scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark I to II. This is the EASY program

Tour 2 – continue from Blato n/c to dam HE Kraljevac, about 7 km long. On the scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark II to III.

Tour 1 & tour 2 together are the HARD program.

Easy and hard program start together at 9.30 canoeing for. 3-4 hours10km long, after picnic together, easy program is over, guests help to take the canoes out, and they are transferred to Omis where they have free time to explore, lunch, for shopping....

Hard program continues to follow the river..., the other part is another 7km long, a bit harder (faster river), and lasts for another 2-3 hours. At cca. 17.30 they are over with canoeing and here they are asked to help to take canoes out from the canyon which is another 15 minutes.

Overnight and dinner in Poljica


Canyoning or rafting, transfer Split, Split overnight

Experience a real adventure in the canyon of the Cetina River, which is called, due to its wilderness, its rearing and timelessness called the river horse. Enjoy its hidden beauty, its canyons that reach 120 mts of depth, explore the famous Gubavica waterfall, and have a swim in it. Don't be afraid, the people leading you were born by the canyon and have spent their whole lives there. They know all the charms and dangers of the canyons. Visit the desert Diablo home, see the lake 'Crni kotao' high up in the mountain, Enjoy the breath taking relief’s of cut stone, and astonishing play of rock and water that lasts forever.

Your bathing suit and sports shoes are your apparel, and dry clothes to change after the canyoning. The complete equipment will be provided by us and that – neoprene suits, life
jackets, and helmets.

Various adventures are included, as well as a picnic with home made food and drinks.

The excursion lasts between 3 - 4 hours.

The Cetina rafting lasts between 3 and 4 hours, in which period we row along 9 km of the river course. The river is categorized as level 1 to 2 in the difficulty scale, but levels are being varied. Most of the parts are easily managed, but combined manoeuvres and team work are a must.
Rafting is organized in rafts for 6 or 8 persons, run by experienced skippers. Life vests, helmets, and paddles of course are included in the price

Rafting on the Cetina river you'll meet light and moderate water rapids, deep calm lakes, ideal for having refreshment, banks covered with rich vegetation - making tunnels of branches, impressive rocks and caves.

Children older than 8 can take part in rafting only if accompanied by their parents.

Rafting and Canyoning finish between 13.00- 14.00, the Hard program (canyoning) includes a picnic after the adventure, the Easy program (rafting) finishes in front of Restaurant Radmanove Mlinice, free time for rest or lunch or beer (lunch not included).

Transfer to Split, at night time at leisure to explore the town, overnight in Split.

Day Departure
Transfer to Split airport, end of our services

Schedule Details
Day 1. – transfer airport – Bol, dinner and overnight Bol

Day 2. – breakfast,
- EASY 10.30- 12.30 intro windsurf course, afternoon time at leisure
- HARD 10.30-12.30 intro windsurf course, in the afternoon another 2h practice on your
Own in accordance with instructor, depending on wind or if guest is tired.
dinner and overnight in Bol,

Day 3. - breakfast,
- EASY 9.30 easy MTB ride to Murvica, trekking 1/2h to Dragon's cave, continuation to
Farska, possible lunch (not included), return cca 15.00
- HARD 9.30 MTB ride to Blaca, refreshments in Blaca, return at cca 16.00
Afternoon time at leisure, dinner and overnight in Bol,

Day 4. - breakfast,
09.0 Transfer Bol-Sutivan, sea kayak program until 16.00, end of route in Milna, transfer Milna- Bol,
Afternoon time at leisure, dinner and overnight Bol,

Day 5. - breakfast,
9.30 transfer Bol-Split, ferry in Supetar (10.30), arrive Split 11.30, sightseeing and free
time for lunch until
14.00, transfer to Podgradje,
15.30 start with trekking program, 19.30 end of trekking,
homemade authentic dinner and overnight in Podgradje,

Day 6. –breakfast,
- 9.30 start of canoeing,
13.00-14.00 end of first part, picnic,
- EASY have transfer in the afternoon to Omis, time at leisure in Omis late afternoon return to Podgradje
- HARD continue with canoe after picnic another 7km, finish at 17.00, taking canoes out from canyon until
17.30, transfer to Podgradje,
-dinner and overnight in Podgradje,

Day 7. – breakfast,
EASY start with rafting at 10, finish at 13.00 in front of restaurant (lunch not included),
HARD start canyoning at 10 finish at cca 14.00, picnic after adventure included,
At 15.00 transfers to Split, accommodation in hotel and overnight, dinner not included

Day 8. – breakfast, transfer to airport, end of services
The price of your adventure trip does not include:

Easy Prices
• June: £703
• July: £754
• Sept: £708

Hard Prices
• June: £762
• July: £812
• Sept: £778

N.B. The minimum number of participants is 6.

Included in price
• in /out transfers,
• HB accommodation in Bol ( 4 nts), Podgradje (2 nts),
• BB accommodation in Split ( 1 nts),
• sports activities as described in programs,
• sightseeing of Split.

Not included in price
• activities mentioned as optional are arranged and paid for locally
• any personal expenses
• tips and gratuities
• travel insurance
• any expenditure of a personal nature

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