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Korcula Island Activites

EXPERIENCE KORCULA (Example of 7 day programme)

Day 1: Arrival in Lumbarda
Welcome drink and introduction to the guide and the program. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: Korcula town, bike tour (cca 14 km of biking)
Departure from the hotel in the morning and cycling through picturesque vineyards and olive grows of Lumbarda. Sightseeing of Korcula town and birth place of Marco Polo, walk to the fortress Forteca with a beautiful view on the old town. Lunch at the hotel. The rest of the day is free for individual activities. Before dinner, visit to an agro tourism on tasting local wines and home made products. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3: Kayak tour in Korcula's archipelago (cca 2 h of kayaking)
Cristal clear sea of Korcula's archipelago is one of the main motives to spend a day in kayaks. About 20 islets in this archipelago are waiting to be discovered. Badija, Vrnik, Stupe… each has its own secret… Lunch at one of the islets. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4: Walking tour "Defora" (cca 25 km of walking)
Maybe the most beautiful thing on Korcula are its hidden bays with Robinsons houses, pebble beaches and crystal clear sea. These bays will be reached mostly by off-road tracks; lunch in agro tourism Šimunovo consisting of local homemade specialities. Free time for swimming before returning to Lumbarda. Transfer to the hotel, dinner.

Day 5: National Park Mljet (cca 5 km of walking)
Speed boat adrenalin ride to the National Park - island of Mljet. Upon arrival, walking around its beautiful lakes and visit to Benedictine monastery on a small island in the bigger lake. Free time for biking or kayaking. Lunch at the island of St Mary in Big Lake. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 6: Biking to nature reserve "Kocje" (cca 30 km of biking)
Kocje is one of the protected natural areas on the island of Korcula, near by Zrnovo village. It is a special preserve of forest vegetation that has botanical, geological and aesthetics value. Picnic in shade of centuries old oaks and big dolomite rocks. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 7: Free for individual activities

Day 8: Departure
Possibility to organize sightseeing of Dubrovnik / Split town with a local guide.

FROM £615* per person for a seven-day arrangement

The price includes:
· Accommodation in double rooms in the annex building of Hotel Borik
· 2 full boards
· 5 half boards
· Welcome drink
· Dinner in agro tourism "Simunovo"
· Lunch on one of the islets in Korcula's archipelago
· Lunch on one of the islet St. Mary on Mljet
· Picnic in Kocje
· Rent-a-bike for all excursions
· Rent-a-kayak for the excursion in Korcula's archipelago
· Transfer by boat to Mljet and entrance tickets to National Park
· Guide

The price does not include:
· Transfer to Lumbarda upon arrival and departure (possibility to organize with a supplement)
· City guide in Dubrovnik or Split

EXCURSIONS (start from Lumbarda or Korcula)

visit to the "pearl of the Adriatic", protected by UNESCO, one of the most beautiful towns in the world. Dubrovnik Old Town was one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations until it was ravaged by bombs during the Balkan conflict. Now that the marble streets have been mended and the Baroque buildings patched up, carefully preserved medieval walls of Dubrovnik are again the most attractive tourist mecca. Walk through the old town – Stradun (main street), Onofrio fountain, Francisian monastery, Dominician monastery, palace Sponza, Duke's palace, kathedral, church of St. Vlaho. Price uppon arrival / departure: 2-7 pax: 25 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 20 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 15 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 10 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer (one way). Price (one-day excursion, start from and return to Lumbarda): 2-7 pax: 60 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 55 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 50 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 40 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer.

Visit one of the most beautiful and famous towns on the Adriatic. Walk through the narrow streets and admire gothic and renaissance pallaces, churches, cathedral, town walls and towers. Known also as a birth place of Marco Polo, Korcula has a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by its visitors. Price: 2-7 pax: 22 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 15 eur per pax 17 pax and more: 10 eur per pax Included: transfer, guide.

Lumbarda is a village with long history which dates back to 3rd century B.C. It was founded by ancient Greeks – a stone tablet called The Psefisma from Lumbarda whitness about this event. It has been inhabited ever since and many monuments, villas and churches narrate its rich history. Lumbarda is also known by wineyards of Grk - autochthonous sort of grapes from which is produced excellent wine of the same name. Walk through the wineyards takes to the beautifull sandy beach on the southern side of the coast. On the way back, visit to a local family agrotourism, tasting of wine and home-made products. Price: 2-7 pax: 30 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 20 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 12 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 10 eur per pax Included: guide, wine tasting.

Sitting in a comfortable bus and lead by an experience guide, you will journey across Korčula, one of the most beautiful islands on the coast of Dalmatia. The road goes through ancient villages, past green vineyards, olive groves and enchanting beaches towards Blato, a small town on the western part of the island. Sightseeing of the place, visit to the etno house with rich collection of traditional tools, clothes, furniture and tasting of home-made products. On the return way to Lumbarda, stop in the local winery for presentation and tasting of local wines. Price: 2-7 pax: 45 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 40 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 35 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 30 eur per pax Included: transfer, guide, ticket for etno house, tasting wines in local winery. Not included: lunch - 20 eur per pax

One-day excursion. We sail towards the island of Mljet, famous for its salt-water lakes. Mljet is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea and it became national park owing to its rich vegetation and lovely landscapes. In the middle of the largest salt-water lake an islet had sprouted, with a 12th century Benedictine monastery. You may enjoy relaxing walks and pleasant sunbathing. There are many legends regarding the ancient Melita (Melita is the Latin name for Mljet). It is said that it is the place where Ulysses and St. Paul had stopped for a rest. Mljet is also one of the most fabulous Croatian national parks and one of the most attractive destinations for both foreign and Croatian tourists, but in particular for the inhabitants of the island of Korčula, who like to visit it at least twice a year. Our destination will be the Mljet port of Pomena. Price: 50 eur per pax Included: boat ticket, entrance ticket to the National park, guide. Not included: lunch - 20 eur per pax

One-day excursion. Hvar’s history lasts already for the millennia. Its wealth and contents are a result of numerous circumstances and advantages of Hvar. Warm Mediterranean climate, high average number of sunny days throughout the year, cristal clear sea and wealth of cultural heritage resulted in organized tourism that started more than 140 years ago. Nautical position of the Port of Hvar was certainly important from its beginnings since the island of Hvar was situated in the centre of sea routes in Adriatic. The port, being protected by small islands and of naturally excellent shape, made a safe haven for boats, hiding from perilous winds. Therefore, a town was established here in ancient times and it reached its peak in 14th and 15th century as an important Venecian port. From this period date city walls, Arsenal, many palaces and churches. Centuries that followed continued shaping and changing the town and they left their marks on its most important buildings (Kathedral, town square, Loggia, fortress Fortica). Today, Hvar has become a popular summer resort thanks to its cultural facilities, exciting nightlife, beautiful nature and many beaches hidden in bays in the surroundings and on the islets accross the town. Town sightseeing and free time for swimming, sunbathing, walking. Price: 2-7 pax: 50 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 40 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 25 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 22 eur per pax Included: transfer, catamaran ticket, guide.

One-day excursion. We sail towards the island of Lastovo. Leisure time for walking, swimming or sunbathing. Lastovo is paradise for sailors thanks to its archipelago of 44 islets and many hidden bays. It has a rich biological diversity and 2006 it has been declared as Nature park. Its mainland is full of various animals and plants specimen, ans its underwater is one of the richest and most various of the Croatian Adriatic. The whole area is also valuable as far as culture and history is concerned, with a particular traditional architecture and numerous archeological emplacements on the mainland and into the sea around the Island. Price: 2-30 pax: 50 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 45 eur per pax Included: boat ticket, guide.

It is a traditional sword dance and drama that was common through the Mediterranean in 12th and 13th century, reaching Korčula in 16th century from Italy and Dubrovnik. The dance originated in Spain and is associated to the conflict between Moors and Christians. In Dalmatia its popularity was almost certainly linked with the struggles against Ottoman Empire, above all with the victory over a Battle of Lepanto, the first major Ottoman defeat by the Christian powers, which ended the myth of Ottoman naval invincibility. Through the centuries Moreška vanished from the Mediterranean and nowdays is only to be find in Korčula, where it is performed for over 400 years. Price: 15 eur per pax (for standard performance during the summer) Included: entrance ticket 25 eur per pax (for standard performance during the summer) Included: entrance ticket, transfer

Half-day excursion. The destination of this excursion is the Korčula archipelago, consisting of about 20 small islands and islets of an immense beauty: Badija, Majsan, Vrnik, Planjak, Sutvara, Sestrice, Stupe and so forth. Most of them are uninhabited, with thick wild vegetation and the crystalline blue sea – certainly worth a visit! The boat will take you through the Kočula-Pelješac channel and past its islets, past the island of Majsan with architectural remains from prehistoric time and to the village of Lumbarda with the summer houses of the former masters of Korčula. After a walk through the vineyards (the grapes of which are used for the production of the famous wine Grk) and leisure time that you may spend in sunbathing and swimming, we continue towards the island of Vrnik with stone quarries where the white Korčula stone is extracted, used in the past for the construction of many world famous buildings (the White House in Washington, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, etc.). On our return journey we will go past the island of Badija with the 15th century Franciscan monastery. Price: 8-16 pax: 50 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 35 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 25 eur per pax Included: boat, guide. Not included: lunch - 20 eur per pax

One-day excursion. Sailing through the Korčula archipelago and enjoying in the sea, beauty of the nature, hidden beaches where boat stops for swimming. After swimming lunch is served: fried fish and a local wine along with a lot of singing, fun and a true dalmatian atmosphere. After lunch there is more time for swimming till return to the hotel. Price: 8-30 pax: 50 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 45 eur per pax Included: boat, guide, lunch.

Good wine is more than just a drink. Rather, it is a total experience of sensations and magic arising from a harmony of taste, bouquet, brilliance and texture. You don't need to be a wine connoisseur – no matter what your level of wine knowledge is you will surely go home with a greater appreciation of the importance of wine. Sunny landscapes, bounteous grapes and a newfound freedom make the Dalmatian coast a perfect place to explore some of the excellent yet-to-be discovered wines. And there is no better place than the Peljesac peninsula to do it. Before or after wine tour we proceed to Ston, famous of their walls which are second largest in the world (after Chinese wall) and saltpans where you can see how the salt (or White gold!) was gathered in 14th century. Price: 2-16 pax: 50 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 45 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 40 eur per pax Included: transfer, guide, wine tasting in local wineries, visit to Ston walls and saltpan

One-day excursion. You will cross the channel by boat to Orebić, where our experienced guide will take you by bus across the Pelješac peninsula, through vineyards, olive groves and scenic villages, past the Dalmatian "Chinese wall” in Ston and oyster rearing facilities towards the Adriatic Highway and the Neretva river delta. The Neretva river delta is perhaps one of the most charming landscapes in Croatia. After driving through the valley, at 11:30 we arrive in Mostar, the capital of Herzegovina. There you may do some shopping, have lunch and have a look around the town. Mostar used to be one of the main trade centres of the Ottoman Empire, traces of which are still visible today. We will visit the remains of the Old Bridge (1566), parts of the old Turkish bazaar, the great mosque and a typical Turkish house. On the return journey to Orebić and Korčula, which starts after lunch, we will make a short stop at Počitelj, an impressive Turkish fortress and town. Price: 2-16 pax: 62 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 50 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 40 eur per pax Included: transfer, guide.

The first inhabitant of Split was the Roman emperor Diocletian who started to build his palace in this friendly bay around 293 AD. After his abdication he withdrew to this luxurious palace of about 30 thousand square meters.The following turbulent centuries made the palace into a town first populated by the citizens of the nearby Salona, fleeing before Avars and Slavs. The town overgrew the walls of the palace and its authorities kept changing - from Croatian kings in 10th century AD, Hungarian and Venetian administration, to French rulers and Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Such past left its traces combined in the town everyday life. The big city today lives by the silent beats of history, lively spirit of the young and its particular Mediterranean charm. Price uppon arrival / departure: 2-7 pax: 40 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 25 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 22 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 17 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer (one way). Price (one-day excursion, start from and return to Lumbarda): 2-7 pax: 50 eur per pax 8-16 pax: 40 eur per pax 17-30 pax: 32 eur per pax 31 pax and more: 25 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer. This is a selection from the offer of Poladin agency. We also organize excursions according to clients wishes, so in case of need you may contact us and we will send you an offer.

ACTIVE VACATION ACTIVITIES (start from Lumbarda or Korčula)

Below is a selection from activities offered through the local Poladin agency. Borik Hotel can also organise other excursions according to clients wishes!

One-day-tour. Cca 15 km (5h) of walking. Transfer to village Žrnovo, where this tour starts and it will take us to three picturesque bays; Bratinja Luka, Pavja Luka and Orlanduša – commonly called Defora. Swimming in this deeply cut bays with beautiful pebble beaches and crystal-clear sea is simply irresistible. In this bays you can find so called Robinson houses of local farmers from village Žrnovo. Price: 4-7 pax: 50 eur per pax 8-17 pax: 35 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer. Not included: lunch – 20 eur per pax. This can also be a bike tour. Supplement for rent-a-bike: 18 eur.

One-day-tour. Cca 10 km (4 h) of walking. The boat will carry us over the Peljesac Channel to the village of Kuciste or Viganj on the Peljesac Peninsula. The path will lead us over the southern hillsides through abandoned vineyards to the monastery of Holy Virgin Mary's Assumption, in which the Maritime Museum is located, and which offers a spectacular view over the whole Peljesac and Korcula Riviera. We will continue through villages to Orebić where you can see rows of old captain`s houses, between gardens of pine, lemon, almond, orange and other Mediterranean vegetation. Also, you can swimm on pebble beaches and the biggest is Trstenica (1.500 m long). Price: 4-7 pax: 60 eur per pax 8-17 pax: 50 eur per pax Included: guide, transfer, boat ticket. Not included: lunch – 20 eur per pax.

One-day-tour. Cca 10 km (4 h) of walking. Boat (takes cca 2 h) will take us from Korčula to port Pomena on Mljet island, where from we walk along the beatiful lakes and up to Montokuc hilltop, the highest peak in the National Park. From here you can enjoy in a breathtaking view of the Mljet Lakes and the islet of St. Mary. After climbing down from Montokuc, we'll visit Benedictian monastery on famous islet of St. Mary. Price: 4-7 pax: 100 eur per pax 8-17 pax: 70 eur per pax Included: boat ticket, entrance ticket to National park, guide. Not included: lunch – 20 eur per pax.

Half-day-tour. Cca 10 km (4 h) of walking. Starting from Korčula town/Lumbarda, this tour takes us partly through village Žrnovo to park of nature - Kočje, which is actualy a concentration of large rock in the area of about 10 000 m2 that form impressive unusual forms which tend to arouse the visitor's imagination. The fact that this particular rocky locality stands out of all that is distinctive for the island gives an additional dose of mystery. Price: 4-7 pax: 25 eur per pax 8-17 pax: 15 eur per pax Included: guide. Optional: transfer to Žrnovo – 7 eur one way. This can also be a bike tour. Supplement for rent-a-bike: 10 eur.

One-day-tour. Cca 15 km (5h) of walking. Starting from village Pupnat, we'll pass through famous Pupnat and Žrnovo vineyards, and further to the region Kočje, which will give us insight into completely different island world. We will continue through the village Žrnovo, and take path to Lumbarda, again through vinyards and also olive grows. Price: 4-7 pax: 45 eur per pax 8-17 pax: 30 eur per pax Included: transfer Lumbarda/Korčula – Pupnat, guide. Not included: lunch – 20 eur per pax. Optional: returned transfer from Žrnovo to Korčula/Lumbarda – 7 eur one way.

One-day excursion. Sightseeing Korcula archipelago on Motor Yacht to get to know secret reefs, undersea world, and tray with us delicious local sea specialities. On our Snorkelling Tour we will introduce you to the most attractive snorkelling positions of Korcula archipelago which consist of twenty small islets, rocks and reefs. Two best snorkelling positions; first one by Stupe islet full of raised rocks and reefs and spectacular sea scenery down under, rich with Adriatic fish and coral species. Second position is close by lighthouse of Raznjic near Lumbarda village, the very end of south part of Korcula island with clear view of nearby island Mljet. Lunch on the boat. Price: 55 eur per pax Included: snorkeling equipement, lunch, guide.

One-day excursion. This is an adventure of two excursions in One! Firstly, you will be enjoying sightseeing and relaxing drive around Korcula islets with motor yacht and be brought to an idyllic Village of Lumbarda where our kayak and canoe fleet is located on picturesque beach club. Our professional bilingual skipper will give you a short safety meeting and after that starts a one of a kind Canoe or Kayak experience hosted by your own skipper who will escort you to the secret beaches of Korcula Islets, an interesting cave on one islet, and those enchanting spots, usually the most worth seeing which can be reached only by sea. Our spectacular wide glassbottom canoe or clear kayaks provides you with a great view of the sea floor and Adriatic fish. Experience and learn from your skipper about island history, visit the little islets Badija with deer still present on islet and Vrnik with its monasteries, fortresses and chapels dating back from 14 the century. Price: 49 eur per pax Included: glassbottom canoe for 2-5 pax, life vests, lunch, guide.

One-day excursion. This is three very well planned adventures in ONE. First one will introduce you to the stunning Korčula islets via Motor Yacht. Then you will swim in one of Korčula hidden bays an almost entirely unpopulated locale with lovely remote vistas. Last but not least, you will enjoy leisurely cycling on gravel roads of Lumbarda village with its gorgeous landscape full of olive groves and vineyards known only to your professional bilingual tour-guide. That means that you won't have to worry about any of the hustle-bustle of street traffic. Familiarize yourself with the fragrances and sounds of the Mediterranean incl. olive groves, pine trees and the calls of island birds. Sample delicious island cuisine as well as vine at one of our private vineyards. Price: 49 eur per pax Included: mountain bike, lunch, guide.

One-day excursion. Be transferred via motor yacht to Lumbarda beach club where the buggy station is located. Participate in a brief safety meeting, chose your helmet, snorkel gear and climb into your buggy. Follow our professional tour guide, feel the wind in your hair as you drive along stunning coastal gravel road above Lumbarda and Žrnovo village. Swim and snorkel in two different secret hidden bays which offer a magnificent view of the island Mljet & Lastovo. Enjoy delicious Island lunch served in a friendly Dalmatian Restaurant. Price: 55 eur per pax Included: proffessional 2 seat PGO buggy, lunch, guide.

One-day excursion. Mljet National Park has been proclaimed as an area of special interest for the following reasons: Its unique panoramic landscape of well intended coastline, cliffs, reefs and numerous islands, as well as the rich topography of the nearby hills, which rise steeply above the sea and hide numerous ancient stone villages. This is a place where we will Hike on Gravel roads surrounded with National park lakes made of sea water, snorkel, swim or sunbathe and admire Adriatic fishes. Last but not least perfect Dalmatian lunch is awaiting on our motor yacht after activities in a peaceful bay in shade of old peen trees far away from stack tourist traps. Price: 83 eur per pax Included: transfer by motor yacht, entrance ticket to National park, lunch, complete snorkel gear, guide.

Half-day excursion. The Korcula island has always been well known for its excellent wines and stunning wineyards. Leaving the old city walls of Korcula by slowly cruising on our luxury motor yacht where we will introduce you to the beauty and indentedness of Korcula island coastline. This excursion is done in pleasant late afternoon hours, in order to avoid the summer day heat and crowd, combining cruising, wine tasting and fine dinning on motor yacht. Visit to the well known wine cellar in Lumbarda and agrotourism where we shall taste a typical Dalmatian wines and grappa in truly warm family ambiance. Our cruise is continuing back towards Korčula island sun set, accompanied by delicious Dalmatian dinner and wine served by your own Maitred on our motor yacht. Price: 55 eur per pax Included: cruising by motor yacht, tasting of wine and home made products, dinner, guide.

Experience something unique and unusual while you are on Korčula island, since Korčula is very well known as small islets paradise, cause its archipelago consists of 20 small islets, reefs and rocks, mostly in shallow water which is making it „the perfect area to try snorkeling by night“. Atractive night species like octopus, eels, squids, moraine, it is almost impossible to see it during day snorkeling. Enjoy the silence at night, gorgeous sunset, without any hustle-bustle of day traffic at sea, follow our proffesional guide with your flash light and admire yourself of visibility and night fishes in clear Adriatic sea. Price: 55 eur per pax Included: cruising by motor yacht, buffet, snorkeling gear, flash lights, guide.

Let us show you what Korčula island has to offer to all of us locals on her very best from inside out. As local specialist we will take you to those enchanting places-usually most worth seeing-which is not offered anywhere near for common tourists and can be reached only by our off road SUV. You will have the perfect opportunity to swim or snorkel in most hidden bay on island and paddle our unique clear kayak which provides you with a great view of the sea floor. Visit our famous Vine Museum in Smokvica village and last but not the least enjoy delicious Island lunch in our charming local restaurant. Price: 70 eur per pax Included: transfer, kayak, lunch, guide.

14) RENT – A – BIKE
1 h: 3 eur Half day: 7 eur One day: 11 -18 eur

One-day: 35 eur (for 2 persons) One-day with bottom-glass: 44 eur (for 2 persons) One-day single: 26 eur

*All prices quoted on this page are Sunshine World Holidays ’s own prices and we reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Your confirmation receipt price will not change.

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