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Croatia - more information

• Croatia is a multy-party parliamentary republic with Legislature and an Executive.
• Elections for the Legislature are held every four years and presidential elections are held every five years.
• The Republic is divided into 20 administrative counties or Županije.

• New Year's Day - 1 January
• Three Kings Day – 6 January
• Good Friday and Easter Monday – March/April
• Labor Day – 1 May
• Corpus Christi – 30 May
• Anti-Fascist Struggle Day – 22 June
• Croatian National Day – 25 June
• Victory Day – 5 August
• Feast of the Assumption – 15 August
• All Saint's Day - 1 November
• Christmas – 25 and 26 December

• A valid passport must hold all foreign nationals entering Croatia.
• For stays of less than 90 days many Europeans (including all EU citizens) and those from South America, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa to enter Croatia.
• South Africans require a 90 – day visa to enter Croatia and should seek advice from any Croatian Embassy.
• Visitor to Croatia are legally required to register with the police even visiting friends.
• Hotels, camps and agencies offering private accommodation automatically take care of the paperwork.
• Those who do not register may experience difficulties if they need to report anything to the police.
• It is essential to travel with a passport at all times.
• Full list of countries whose citizens require a visa to enter Croatia can be obtained from CONSULAR DEPARTMENT OF THE CROATIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY www.mvp.hr


• Croatia's currency is the "Kuna": 100 Lipa make 1 Kuna.
• Approximate Exchange Rates:
• Euro – 7.5 Kuna
• Pound – 11 Kuna
• US dollar – 6 Kuna
• Euro and US dollar Travellers' cheques can be exchanged at many banks and exchanged offices for a commission of up to 2 percent when accompanied by a valid passport.
• American Express travellers' cheques can also be exchanged through Atlas travel agencies.
• Debit cards carrying the Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and Cirrus symbols are widely accepted.
• Credit cards are a good way to settle bills, with American Express and MasterCard being more widely accepted than Visa.
• Western Union Money Transfer services are also available at more than 1000 post offices through Croatia.
• Value Added Tax is applied to all purchases in Croatia and charged at 22 percent.
• Visitors to Croatia can claim back up to 16 percent of the VAT that they pay on shop purchases over 5.000 Kuna when leaving the country. Refunds are only made if the Tax Free Cheques have been stamped by customs.

• A visit to Croatia does not carry any specific health risks and no vaccinations are needed. However, it is advisable to take precautions against sunstroke, sunburn and dehydration in the summer.
• It is safe to drink tap water throughout Croatia.
• If you're taking specific medication should take adequate supplies with them, which will help pharmacists supply replacements if necessary.
• Citizens of most European countries are entitled to free medical care due to a mutual health care agreement. If no such agreement exists patients are charged according to a standard price list.
• Credit cards often offer limited insurance when they are used to book a flight or holiday and some household insurance covers personal possessions away from home including cover abroad. Terms and conditions should always be checked thoroughly prior to departure.

• The Adriatic coastline has a Mediterranean climate.
• The sea is warm all year round with a low of 12 °C in winter and a high of 26 °C in summer.
• The type of clothing required depends on the season and intended activities.
• At the high of the tourist season in June, July and August temperatures in the sun can exceed 30 °C so it is essential to wear light, loose non-synthetic clothing, sunglasses and a sun hat.
• Night temperatures are mild making it possible to wear shorts, T-shirts and sundresses through to bedtime.
• In spring, early summer and early autumn, when average temperatures are lower, a sweater or light jacket will also be required.

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