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River Cetina - more information

This is a very productive region where you can find many small towns and villages, grasslands and green meadows full of flowers, grass and life. During moist springs there are many colorful flowers in the meadows and bees in the air. The Cetina River itself is teaming with life, supplying drinking water to much of Dalmatia.

The unusual Climate - sub-Mediterranean climate, in this region is a result of its position between the seaside and mountains. The differing climatic influences are visible in the vegetation of the region. The average temperature in January is about 4 °C and in July the average temperature is above 23 °C.

The Cetina’s formation and intricate underground connections are miraculous! Its length is 105 kilometers and its flow is lower 385 meters when it comes to the Adriatic Sea from its source. The source of the Cetina River is situated in a small village (called Cetina) 7 kilometers away from the town of Vrlika. Gospodarska pecina (Noble Cave) is situated 100 meters above the source. This cave has important historical significance as it has been used as shelter for many people throughout history. During the wars with Turkey local soldiers (hajduk) Socivica hide there. The Cave is deep but only a small section of it has been explored. At the end of the 18th century, Ivan Lovrenovic discovered and described it. He claims that accompanied by a couple of "Morlaks”, after initially having trouble entering the cave they came to a spacious hall ornamented with stalactites and stalagmites. While listening carefully, he recognized the sound of underground waters. Following the sound he came to a place he describes as a "royal underground river".

On Garjacka kosa, above the river, there are several vineyards. You can find grapes there that are different to all others. They make wine that is sweet and easy to drink. In the beginning of last century, Emperor Franz Joseph (Franjo Josip) came to Krajina, to drink "garjacko" wine. The house where he spent the night is called "Schonbrunn". Cetina is an entrance to the Sinj fields. There are 60 square meters of fertile ground around town of Sinj, which makes it the biggest field in Dalmatia. There are lots of small towns and villages in that area.

Leaving the Sinj fields, the Cetina river flows into the canyon. Coasts are closer and higher, and the river is deep and slow. In the past the water in this area flowed quickly and was used to work mills, however, a Floodgate has been built which has made the water slower and deeper. The floodgate at Djal place redirects the river and makes the water flow to the hydro-electricity centre. This is one of three hydro-electricity centers in the region of Cetinska Krajina. There is a castle Nutjak above the canyon, which very silently challenges archaeologists and historians. In the town of Omis the river Cetina meets the Sea

River Cetina activities

River Cetina is one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia. The end course of Cetina flowing through a magnificent canyon, situated near the small picturesque town Omis, famous for its pirates which have been a constant danger to the Venitian galleys, at that time the number 1 fighting fleet on the Mediterranean. Enjoy rafting and canyoning with our skippers who will try to make the best out of it for you!


Experience a real adventure in the canyon of the Cetina River, which is due to its wilderness, its rearing and timelessness called the river Horse, and enjoy the hidden beauty of its canyon, which can be till 120 m deep.

Explore the 40 m high waterfall "Gubavica" and have a swim in it, without being afraid, because you're led by people who were born by the canyon and who have spent their whole life there. They know all the charms and dangers, hiding in the canyon. Visit the deserted Diablo home? Lake placed high in the mountains "Crni kotao". Enjoy the marvelous relief of the cut rocks and astonishing play of water and stone, which keeps happening all the time.

It's necessary to take your bathing suit with you, as well as sports shoes and a towel and clothes you are going to wear after canyoning. We provide the full canyoning equipment - waistcoats, helmets, neoprene, etc. Don't forget to take your widely open heart for incidental adventures. Picnic with homemade food and drinks is included.

The trip lasts 3 to 4 hours.

- In combination with:
- canoe safari, as a final part of the trip
- rafting, as a pre-start

Rock climbing

Spend a week rock climbing on the sunny beautiful Mediterranean coast of Dalmatia.

Climbing is a possible the whole year round, with climbing routes/directions of all levels of difficulty to choose from.

Places of historical and cultural interest and of natural beauty are visited along the way. And if you're climbing or abseiling on the cliffs, over the shimmering blue sea or climbing inland above the gorgeous Brac valleys, you will agree that this island has the rock climbing possibilities that are worth a visit.

Climbing in the canyon of Blaca ( Brac),on the southern cliffs of Marjan (Split) where you will enjoy the sun and view of the island of Brac, and Cetina Canyon are just a few visited locations!!

Canoe safari - going down the river in a canoe

Be a participant of an exciting and attractive meeting with river Cetina. Due to its wilderness and constant rearing this river was called the river Horse in the Illyrian times. Feel the charms of that beautiful and unpredictable Dalmatian river.

It's necessary to take your bathing suit with you, as well as sports shoes and sandals (it's not recommended to go barefoot), a towel and clothes you are going to wear after rafting.
We provide the full canoeing equipment - waistcoats, helmets etc.
Picnic with homemade food and drinks is included.
We offer you two deferent kind of tour:

- from "Prancevica" dam to Blato n/c, is some 10 km long. On the scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark I to II.

- from Blato n/c to dam HE Kraljevac, is some 7 km long. On the scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark II to III.

The trip lasts 3 to 4 hours.
- half-day trip
- one-day trip

Rafting on the Cetina River

Rafting on the Cetina River lasts between 3 and 4 hours and is organized on 9 km long part of the river, from the village of Penšici to the restaurant "Radmanove mlinice".

It's necessary to take your bathing suit with you, as well as sports shoes and sandals (it's not recommended to go barefoot), a towel and clothes you are going to wear after rafting.

Before the start each group on the boat gets acquainted with their guide, who is going to give you all obligatory equipment, which includes helmet, safety waste coat and an oar.

The boats are for 8 or 6 persons.

On the starting (calm) part of the river your guide is going to teach you about behavior rules and basic rowing techniques. On the scale ranging from I to VI the river got the mark II to III and two extremely rough places are passed on foot.

Rafting on the Cetina River you'll meet light and moderate water rapids, deep calm lakes, ideal for having refreshment, banks covered with rich vegetation - making tunnels of branches, impressive rocks and caves.

Children older than 8 can take part in rafting only if accompanied by their parents.


The Rafting adventure begins in the small town of Omiš. We meet at the intersection of Omiš’ only bridge on the road that leads towards the picnic area Radmanove Mlinice.

The trip to the starting place from rafting takes approximately 20 minutes. The journey there is very interesting and allows tourists to see the beauty of the nature surrounding the river. 5 minutes into our journey to the starting place we come to a picnic area with traditional bread - making restaurant called Radmanove Mlinice. This is actually the end point of our rafting trip. The bus trip follows a winding road and travels through the woods passing quaint traditional Dalmatian villages with overhead views of the river.
The name of the place where we begin our rafting adventure is “Pavica Most”.

Our starting point has a spacious car park with room for 3 buses and about 15 cars. It also has a typical Dalmatian restaurant called a "konoba", locker rooms and toilets. The start place is easily recognizable as it is signed with flags. When getting out of the van each tourist takes oars, life jacket and helmet. Skippers will direct tourists to their raft. Each is lead by an experienced rafting skipper.
Each skipper along with the crew takes the raft and the equipment and goes down to the river. We begin trip on a very calm spot on the river. Once everyone is seated on the boat the skipper explains to the crew how to row, what to do if they fall into the river where it's calm and what to do in the rapids. The skipper will always check if everyone in the boat can swim.

The first 16 kilometers of the river is a part where the river is very calm, the scenery is gorgeous and the water is crystal clear and clean. The river is full of fish and several people camp along the shore.

During this initial section of the river, the crew is practicing correct rowing and following directions that will later be required.
We then pass through to sections of the river where the trees have overgrown and formed tunnels. This is the section of the river that is very technically demanding, so the crew must follow all instructions carefully. This section of the river is called the "labyrinth". We will then come to a small lake-like expanse of water where we take a break for about 10 minutes, so rafters can go swimming and refresh in the clear blue-green river.

The next place we stop is at a small floodgate where tourists can taste the fresh clean water running from a small stream. From that place, the next couple of kilometers are the best part of rafting on the river Cetina. We come to the bottom of the small waterfall "Studenci", one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the river Cetina. The Waterfall "Studenci" is definitely something that has to be seen! After the waterfall comes the beautiful and very dangerous rapid "Oblacnik". Tourists exit the raft at this point and travel along the river edge for 50 meters while the skipper maneuvers through the rapid “Oblacnik”. Tourists return to the boat and the adventure continues.
After 2-3 minutes we come to two other smaller waterfalls. We travel under one of the waterfalls for some fun. Then we come to some very interesting rapids, called "Z".

It's very important to listen to the entire skipper's instruction at this point; otherwise you could fall out of the boat! "Z" is a place where your adrenaline is at its’ highest level. Coming to the part of the river called "Tisne stine" as the river is fairly deep at this point tourists can jump into the river from rocks that are 3 meters above the river. Not far away, after we pass through another 5-6 rapids, we come to the place where they filmed the final scene of a famous American western film "Winetou". This location is a paradise for rock climbers and it is a possibility that people who love this sport can come in the morning and then leave with the afternoon group. In the last 25 minutes there are a couple of rapids and then rafting adventure finishes at the picnic place called Radmanove Mlinice. All equipment (helmets, oars, life jackets) are left on the boat while the raft is carried by everyone to the shore. Most tourists are impressed by the beautiful Cetina River. The adrenalin that the adventure gives you will hopefully entice you to return as soon as they get some more free time.

We hope to see you soon…


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