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The DALMATIAN PEARLS Luxury Cruise 2007

8 days, 7 nights

The MB DARLI cruise program DALMATIAN PEARLS provides a luxury vacation on the ship that also includes visiting unspoiled nature, two National Parks and one Nature Park. This journey includes sightseeing tours around millenarian remnants of Roman towns and medieval history as well as visits to the numerous cultural and historical monuments and museums.


Embark/check in at 15.00 h. Before dinner, our captain will welcome you on board with 'welcome drinks'.

Sibenik is the oldest Croatian town, where you can find the fortress of St. Mihovil and a famous cathedral. The town is situated in the very heart of the Adriatic coast, on the mouth of the river Krka, hidden by the St.Ante canal. The great Croatian king Petar Kresimir IV made Sibenik famous.


  • visit to the extraordinarily beautiful National Park Krka waterfalls.
  • visit the great catholic cathedral St.Jakov
  • You can choose to join an excursion or visit the destination individually.
  • One of the excursions you can't miss is the City Tour around Sibenik.

The ship leaves the port at 23:00 h, sailing towards Split.



MV Darli comes to Split at 6:00 h.

Split is the capital town of Dalmatia. The whole day is at your hands to engage in sightseeing and exploring.


  • Visit all the important places like the Palace of Dioklecian and the old part of the town on our sightseeing tour or visit the cultural monuments individually.
  • You can relax in one of the many bars on the legendary shore of Split, sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea
  • If you prefer an active afternoon, you can join our excursion and visit some of the historic places situated near Split, like the ruins of Salona, fortress Klis and the well known shrine Medjugorje in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

The boat stays overnight in Split.


Island Vis

The MV Darli leaves Split at 7:00 h and arrives to Vis at around 11:00 h.

The Island Vis will dazzle you with its narrow Dalmatian alleys, fortresses on the entrance to the port, many oats and beautiful beaches in the bay. It is known not only for its many historic and cultural monuments, but also as an ecologically clean area, rich with fish, lobsters and wine.


  • After breakfast, enjoy in the morning on the sunny deck with a marvelous view on the picturesque environment of the island
  • join the guided City tour around Vis or Komiza or explore this wonderful place on your own.
  • If you prefer diving or sunbathing on one of the beaches, swimming in the crystal clear sea, Komiza is an ideal oasis just for that.

Optional excursions: Island Bisevo and the Blue Cave, sight-seeing of the inland of the island Vis and visit to the cave of Tito.

At 23:00 h the ship continues the journey towards the next destination, the Island Korcula.



MV Darli arrives at Korcula around 6:00 h.

It is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic; it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in this part of Croatia. The Greeks have named it Korkyra Melaina or “Black Krf” because of its dark and thick forests. The island is rich with culture and art, and beautiful nature, small and hidden beaches and bays, unpopulated small islands and stunning views. The main city is Korcula. It is a typical medieval Dalmatian town, with its defensive towers, walls and many houses with red roofs. Marco Polo (1254-1324), the famous world traveler and writer, was born in the old part of the town Korcula. The house he was born in will soon be turned into a museum of Marco Polo. Besides Marco Polo, Korcula has a long cultural and artistic tradition, which includes museums, galleries and festivals. The famous folk drama/dance 'Moreska', once performed along the whole Mediterranean, today is performed only in Korcula. During the day you have the opportunity to see the city on our excursion or individually.

Excursions: sightseeing tour of the town Korcula, the archipelago of Korcula, rent – a – car, scooter or bicycle.

The ship leaves Korcula at 23:00 h and proceeds towards Dubrovnik.



Arrival around 6:00 h.

Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful towns in the world, because of its unique charm, stunning nature, historic and cultural monuments.
It is famous as the city of poets, writers and scientists.

You have the whole day for sightseeing around Dubrovnik and the near by places.
You can join one of our excursions and explore many attractive locations.
Professional guides will be at your service during the excursion.

It is possible to visit Kotor in Crna Gora as well as Bokakotor bay.
In Dubrovnik, you can go shopping, visiting art and souvenir stores or relax in one of the bar or restaurants in the center.

After dinner, you can relax and enjoy a drink in the Grand Salon or you can enjoy the other activities or services provided on board (fitness, sauna...).

If you prefer to go out and party, this is a perfect opportunity for that.

Overnight stay in Dubrovnik.


Island Mljet – Island Hvar anchorage

The ship leaves Dubrovnik at 7:00 h, and continues the journey towards the island Mljet, a well-known National Park. We arrive to Mljet around 11:00 h.

After breakfast, relax on the sunny deck, enjoy a drink and the view on the fascinating landscape of the island. The day is at your disposal for sigh seeing. You can also join one of the guided excursions or get to know the island individually. It is a well spread opinion that the island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea, and it is known for its old forests and rich flora and fauna. The Lonely Planet calls it 'the most seductive Adriatic Island’.

According to the legend, Odysseus fell in love with the island and stayed on it for 7 years. On the island there is a famous national park with 2 lakes (Big and Small).

On a little island St.Marija there is a Benedictine convent, 12 centuries old, that can be reached with a taxi boat. For those who prefer pleasant strolls, there are numerous paths on the island that lead around the lakes, over the hills through the forests and along the beach.

Many beaches and a fascinating cultural heritage dating from the Illyrian and roman times, mark Mljet as an unspoiled island and summer resort of an extraordinary quality.

At 14:00 h the ships continues the journey towards the next destination – the island Hvar. It arrives to the port of Hvar around 20:00 h.

“Captain’s Diner” will be served upon anchorage in beautiful surrounding and unforgettable landscape of Island Hvar.


Island Hvar – Trogir anchorage

This island is definitively one of the most popular Adriatic islands, known also under the name of 'the sunniest Adriatic Island’. In 1997. the Traveler Magazine listed Hvar among the 10 most beautiful islands in the world. The island name has Greek origins, from the name 'Pharos' (bright house). Since Hvar lies in the center of most of the sea routes, history has left here a lot of traces, maybe more than on any other Adriatic island. This fact made Hvar rich with cultural and historic monuments.

The discoveries from the caves of Grapce and Marko made possible for the archeologists to identify the Croatian culture (from around 3500 to 2500 B.C.).

The hand painted pottery with spiral motifs is among the most decorative artifacts that come from the pre-Illyrian times. It is a part of the Aegean culture that continued its development on the island Hvar.

Hvar is the island of heather, joy and crickets, the island of lavender, wisdom and wine, the island of rosemary and hidden little bays.

It is equally attractive in winter as it is during summer, with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, rich vegetation of palm trees, aloe, pines, laurel, vineyards, olive groves, magical and calm bays, pebbly beaches and islands filled with pleasant smells. With all these qualities Hvar attracts tourists all year round. If you want to get to know the island better and find out more about its history, you can join one of the guided excursions. Those who want to spend the day relaxing individually can visit some of the souvenir shops, art stores, have drinks or enjoy a stroll.

At 13:00 h, the ship heads towards Trogir.

It arrives in Trogir around 16:00 h. It is possible to go on a City Tour around the town, to enjoy the old part of Trogir and its historical values.

At 24:00 h the ship will sail towards Sibenik.



The ship comes to the port of Sibenik around 6:00 h.

Breakfast and check out until 10:00 h.

The end of the cruise.

The prices below are in GB £, per person, including tax, PDV 10%

Category Premium 1st Class 2nd Class 3rd Class 4th Class
Deck 2 4 2 & 3 1 3
Cabin Type Double/outside Double/outside Double/outside Double/outside Double/inside
High Season (H)
23rd Jun - 8th Sep 07
£1450 £1400 £1350 £1250 £1000
Middle Season (M)
24th Mar - 16th Jun 07 & 15th Sep - 6th Oct 07
£1350 £1300 £1250 £1150 £900
Low Season (L)
10th Mar - 17th Mar 07 & 13th Oct 07 - 24th Mar 08
£1200 £1150 £1100 £1000 £750
2nd Bed £900 (H)
£800 (M)
£700 (L)
£800 (H)
£700 (M)
£600 (L)
Bunk bed in double cabin       £950 (H)
£850 (M)
£700 (L)
£700 (H)
£600 (M)
£550 (L)
3rd bed in 3 bed cabin £1000 (H)
£900 (M)
£800 (L)

Services included
• accomodation in cabins by chosen category
• full board (breakfast, coffee time, lunch, tea time, dinner)
• wine (1L / table) during dinner
• welcome drink
• water, tea
• fruits
• additional services, fitness, jacuzzi...
• entertainment program
• musical program every day in the Grand Salon
• music/dance/folk or some other programs on board
• transfer of the luggage from shore on board and vice versa
• PDV 10 %

Not included in the price
• port taxes = 90 E per person
• optional excursions
• bar drinks
• tips
• bycicle, scooter
• Personal Water Craft and SportBoats running
• windsurfing, jet ski, fishing, diving,...
• travel insurance
• other personal costs

Additional fees and discounts
• one person in a double cabin 50% supplement
• children 6 - 12 years old in second bed 60% discount
• children 6 - 12 years old 40% discount
• children 12 - 18 years old 30% discount
• Honeymoon / Anniversary vacations 10% discount
• Two weeks cruise 10% discount

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